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Chevy Trax Smart and Sporty

Bethany Watson is not only part of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show family you catch on Z100, but she is also a part of the Chevy Tri-State family for nearly 5 years, driving from place to place in her Chevy Cruze, and now the Trax! High energy, originally from Wisconsin and addicted to coffee, Bethany provides you with lively hourly news updates called Reality Checks, but her favorite bit on the show is "Hip Hop Clarinet" because she likes to validate band nerds everywhere.

Bethany drives her new city-smart Chevy Trax from place to place and sometimes with her surly, 15-pound cat named Oliver in tow. Bethany’s a lot of fun, has a passion for excitement, with her aerial acrobatics class and did we mention addiction to coffee. Maybe you’ll catch her driving through town, Starbucks in hand, in her new Chevy Trax.